Versatility and
high performance

An electric chain hoist is not only a piece of equipment but also part of a logistics solution that provides performance and optimizes production processes, with application in the most diverse branches of industry.

Reliability and quality

These are critical differentials when considering electric hoists and metal support and cargo handling structures.

A serious partnership

FSK takes seriously its partnership with each client, studying and developing the solution that provides excellent products, satisfied customers, and a market differential.

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Fabricamos e fornecemos para o ramo eólico

We design and manufacture support structures, and cargo handling structures, among others steel structures.


We have a certified quality management system that ensures high performance, low maintenance, and on-time delivery.


Our projects contain trackable components and raw materials, guaranteeing reliability and adding value to the product. These are differentiated management practices that provide the security your company need.

Our customer service is easy, agile, and seeks to understand our client's real needs, focusing on details and offering, whenever possible, explanations and support from the initial contacts to the after-sales service.


Customized projects to meet specific demands. Our projects are designed to meet the requirements and needs of each customer. They are developed by a highly experienced technical team under rigorous quality control.

We design and manufacture support and cargo handling structures, among other steel structures, performed with high quality and following quality management processes, such as APQP [Advanced Product Quality Planning], upon clients' request.


Liftket has been making easier the service and maintenance in wind turbines since the 1980s when the wind industry was established in Europe. It has been decades of designing and manufacturing special hoists, in collaboration with its customers, to meet their needs.

Special characteristics of wind energy:
  • Extremely robust design
  • Use in different temperature ranges
  • Tailor-made solutions for all applications
  • High lifting speeds
  • Loads from 250 kg - 1000 kg
  • Different voltages and frequencies
  • Demands for increased corrosion protection
  • Bifrequent versions possible
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Our stock includes the main spare parts for hoists to keep your production
up and running.
The Liftket parts you can find here are genuine, delivering greater durability
and safety to the equipment, without affecting its useful life. Genuine parts
also ensure you have access to the manufacturer’s warranty.

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